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Jen's Gourmet is a service listed under Gebiz Singapore

About Products:

Homemade Sauce Delights offers range of marinated & paste for your daily ready-to-cook.

Homemade Kimchi: $25.00
Sambal Belancan: $30.00
Sambal Tumis: $25.00
Salsa Mango: $30.00
Black Pepper: $25.00
Sambal Mango: $30.00
Salsa Onion: $25.00                                
Sambal Shrimp: $30.00
Sambal Anchovies: $25.00                         
Shrimp Paste: $30.00
Events / Occasions:

Having an office meeting, AGM or anniversary, want something simple for the office staff, guests & visitors, don't want to have messy food around?

We have Satay Chicken/Mutton/Beef of 5 sticks, includes rice cake, cucumber, onion & sauce in disposal pack.

Email me, for quotation & requirement:

We catered delicious HALAL cuisine for both Non-Muslim & Muslim diners. 

Most of our menus are between 8 to 15 courses, depending on requirement.